Top Skills You Need as a JavaScript Developer

JavaScript development is a growing field. Today, there are approximately 12.1 million JavaScript developers worldwide. They earn a $110,673 annual salary, or $47.49 an hour.

These numbers clearly show the importance of JavaScript development. We have entered the world of a programmer. The profile is at its highest. The future is bright for those who are looking for a career as a Javascript Developer.

However, I noticed that students are primarily focused on their degrees. They don’t work on their skills. They are not wrong. However, I do not believe it is sufficient. It won’t help them become the JavaScript expert they want to be.

Don’t worry, I have the perfect guide for you. This blog lists the essential skills that you will need to be a JavaScript developer. 

JavaScript Developer Skills

1. Expertise in Core JavaScript

First, you must learn JavaScript. Although you don’t have to be a master of JavaScript development, it does require a basic understanding of the control flow and paradigm. 

JavaScript can be difficult for some people to learn. Although JavaScript has its quirks and getchas, once you start using it, you will find that it becomes a habit and it is more enjoyable.

It’s a lot like school mathematics where you have to find the correct formula to find the right answer. Many codes that are correct by everyone are not clear, but it is simple to write the right language.

JavaScript can be both dynamic and prototype-based languages, which may seem a little annoying to someone who is not a traditional-object person. There are better ways to learn JavaScript from an expert or an experienced developer.

2. Client-Side Framework and Libraries

There are many JavaScript developers who are confused about which framework to choose. I recommend either Angular JS (or React JS) depending on the job’s requirements and learning curve. These libraries and frameworks are in high demand on the market and are used by many companies for app development. 

Both frameworks are popular on the market. You can also compare these languages in detail to find the best one. You can trust them both unless you have an additional requirement. If you are looking for a brighter and more secure future, I recommend you learn both languages.

3. Asynchronous programming

Asynchronous programming is the next aspect of JavaScript knowledge. Asynchronous programming allows the main thread to run while another method completes. Learn more about JavaScript’s Prototypes and Hosting features.

4. Writing Cross-Browser Code

Next, you need to learn cross-browser programming. This means that your website or app should work with multiple browsers. JavaScript allows for this compatibility in its websites and applications.

So, if you want to develop websites and applications, learn how to write good cross-browser code.

5. ReactJS

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that enables you to do fantastic things quickly and easily. It was developed by Facebook and is utilized by prominent names like Reddit, Tesla, and PayPal.

This library is in high demand today. It features a Virtual DOM, which allows for quick modification. This library is essential to JavaScript development in 2021.

6. Redux

Redux is a popular state management tool for React. It’s not easy to understand and comprehend. Context API can help make it easier. This will allow you to move on to Redux. Redux is required for the React application’s e-commerce functionality. JavaScript developers also need to learn Redux.

7. Node JS

Node JS is the next important skill that JavaScript developers need to master. It’s a run-time tool that allows you to use a Back-end framework. Many companies today use NodeJS as their back-end. This makes it a valuable skill for a JavaScript developer.

8. Git

Git is a version control system that keeps track of the changes you make to your code. It’s the next item on my to-do list. If you make a mistake, it will immediately revert you to the previous version of your code. For JavaScript development, you should also learn Git.

9. TypeScript

TypeScript had many problems in the past, including browser compatibility, safety, and scaling difficulties. TypeScript makes many things easier. It transpires to clean ES5 codes, which solves many compatibility issues. You can also write JavaScript in an object-oriented style like C#/Java.

TypeScript can help you understand concepts such as inheritance, interfaces, and access control (public or private). You will understand abstraction and inheritance better. TypeScript can also be used with a lint file that enforces certain coding standards.

10. JQuery

jQuery is the next JavaScript library that you should be familiar with. It was specifically designed to make HTML tree traversal and manipulation easier, including animation and CSS. It’s also free and open-source software. Today, jQuery is used by more than 73% of 10,000,000 websites.

11. Communication Skills

Let’s now get to the skills that are essential in every profession: communication skills. It is essential to get your dream job or a good job. It is essential from a business perspective.

Your communication skills should be strong enough for you to communicate your ideas to your clients and team. As you prepare for JavaScript development, improve your communication skills.

12. Stay up to date with the latest technology

Technology is constantly changing. You need to stay updated with all the latest developments and technological trends in the market. This will enable you to create a market-ready website application for your clients.

It is essential to keep updated with current practices, regardless of your skills. Developers cannot afford to be late with their upgrades. Continue to learn new talents and improve on those you already have.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it! These are the skills that any JavaScript developer should possess. You can consult an expert or learn everything for more information and guidance. Don’t forget anyone’s skill. Every skill has a purpose.

Mark Sheryl Sandberg says, “Build your skills, and not your resume if you want to be the best JavaScript developer in the industry.” “

This post will help you to understand the skills you need to become a JavaScript, developer. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Happy Coding…. ☺️

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