Top 10 Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking

When it comes to hacking, surely you might think of a man who is busy with codes on big machines in a dark room and surrounded by bulky racks with blinking lights. All thanks to movies and TV series, hackers do have that corrupt reputation but let me tell you that there are some noble hackers too. And they are ethical hackers known as White Hat Hackers. The demand for ethical hackers has grown as a result of the rise in cyberattacks, as businesses now employ them to safeguard their data against black hat hackers engaged in illicit activities. Being an ethical hacker, however, is a difficult endeavor that involves extensive research on tools, tactics, and penetration testing. Here are the top motivations for learning ethical hacking that may persuade you to pursue a career in it if you are still wondering whether it would be a good fit for you.

If you are a student or a budding IT professional, you might be thinking about learning ethical hacking as a career option. In this article, we will tell you how you might be thinking just right. The reasons are evaluated on the parameters of earning, future scope, social status, self-satisfaction, and intellectual growth.

1. Job Never Gets BoringInteresting Job - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

Do you fear a monotonous job that gets drearier by the second? Then, an ethical hacking career might just be your thing. With old threats evolving into new ones, while an array of other attacks are devised by black hat hackers you’re bound to do a generous amount of brainstorming. It’s also unlike your typical brainstorming because, as an ethical hacker, you’ll also need to come up with creative solutions to the problems that crackers leave behind.

2. Work in any industry

Industry - Learn Ethical Hacking - EdurekaEvery company needs an ethical hacker. Whether it be a logistics company, a social media company or something as simple as textiles; if it has an internet facing site or if they deal with a lot of user-generated data, they are prone to hackers. Therefore an ethical hacker finds himself being sought by a multitude of industries, not limited to the IT industry only. Not being limited by a domain, is a fantastic reason to learn ethical hacking.

3. Generous salarySalary - Reasons to Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

I think we all can agree that ‘money makes the world go round’. The world has realized the sheer importance of cybersecurity and ethical hacking due to recent breaches in privacy. Faced with online attacks, private and public agencies are looking for ethical hacking experts who can protect their systems from cybercriminals. These companies are generally ready to pay a handsome salary to the security experts who efficiently protects them and their company privacy from black hat hackers.

4. A Greater Sense of AchievementCyberprotection - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

At the crux of it all, the job of an ethical hacker is to protect. The act of providing protection always brings about a greater sense of achievement. Thousands of people fall prey to malicious hackers on a daily basis and it is an ethical hacker’s job to defend an organization against such crimes. If you want the satisfaction of doing a rewarding job and if you want to make a real difference, learn ethical hacking through the Ethical Hacking Certification training and join the industry! 

5. The Thrill of HackingHacking Thrill - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

In short, a hacker who works for the greater good is an ethical hacker. In contrast to a hacker who utilizes it for personal benefit, when he successfully exploits a system vulnerability, he reports it to the relevant parties. In summary, an ethical hacker has the joy of breaking into a system, which unquestionably gives an adrenaline rush, in addition to protecting a business.

6. Global Recognition Spotlight - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

To become an Ethical hacker, one generally goes through the CEH exam. This exam tests your theoretical and applicative knowledge of the different fundamentals of ethical hacking and penetration testing. After you pass the exam, you are awarded the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification. This is not your everyday certification as it increases the holder’s market value immensely. Above that, the value of CEH certification is recognized across the globe and getting a job in any country should be near effortless. 

7. Get to Travel the WorldTravel the world - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

For those of you, who aspire to travel the globe, ethical hacking might just be the perfect career path. Thousands of home-grown ethical hacking experts or working to protect businesses, government agencies, and general consumers. On a global scale, the rise in cyber-attacks is outpacing the supply of white hat hackers. This results in plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals and experts to travel overseas to serve their skills which are in high demand. Hence, if you have ever wanted to work in a different country, then a career in ethical hacking might just be your perfect passport to success!

8. Work for Fortune 500 Companies

Everybody wants to work for the best company in their field. Whether it be the IT industry, where everybody dreams to work at Google or whether it be the fashion industry where you might want to work for big brands like Calvin and Klein. As an ethical hacker, this is very much achievable because of the lack of the restriction of a domain. You could be an ethical hacker who works for Calvin and Klein protecting their systems from being breached in and their top designs getting stolen, or you could simply be working for Facebook as an ethical hacker.

9. Protect YourselfSelf Defense - Learn Ethical Hacking - Edureka

One should know how to protect one’s self before he moves on to protect others. When you become an ethical hacker you learn to protect others from all sorts of cyber crimes that exist out there from password theft to debit card frauds. This also implies that in the process you learn to protect your self from a majority of the cyber crimes out there, because self-defense is the best defense.

10. Understand A Hackers Mindset 

The most obvious benefit of learning ethical hacking is its potential to improve and inform on how a corporate network is defended. For any organization, when it comes to Cyber Security, the primary threat is a black hat hacker. And by learning how they operate, it can help defenders identify and prioritize potential menaces. Practically, it is not possible to remove all the attacks from a network. But with ethical hacking skills, Cyber Security professionals will be able to minimize the impact of the potential threat and assign limited resources that reduce the chances of a successful attack. Training in ethical hacking can help network defenders to develop this kind of mindset.  

11. Helps with Development and Quality Assurance

Whenever a new product is developed, stakeholders often neglect its security testing due to a time crunch, which at times leave the software vulnerable to theft and hacking. But if there is an ethical hacker on board, the security testing can be performed quickly, efficiently and comprehensively with the best industry practices. Beyond this, learning ethical hacking can help with studying tools, created by hackers and quality assurance testers to expedite the remediation of common vulnerabilities. Moreover, by knowing about these tools, developers can acquire knowledge about coding errors that should be avoided.

12. Good to Learn Something New

Before considering learning ethical hacking, one must first learn a range of skills. Before expecting a good and easy introduction to ethical hacking, it is necessary to have a strong grasp of a number of areas, including programming, scripting, computer networking, web technologies, cryptography, etc. Staying current on newly identified vulnerabilities, their exploitation, and mitigation, new frameworks, new attack methodologies, new bypasses to earlier mitigations, etc., is another requirement for active cybersecurity professionals. This is just as enjoyable a challenge as it sounds.


Learning ethical hacking is anytime beneficial. Make sure you understand the concepts thoroughly and put them in the right purpose. It has a great career scope for which you can earn pretty good. No doubt that you will be loaded with ample responsibility but it is equally true such a solution is worth it.

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