The Future Of Web Development In 2022

A web developer is a person who takes web design and required functionalities — as per the client or product team — and turns it into a website.

A Web Developer holds an important position in a company as he/she has to use a language from the client and convert it into a language that a computer understands i.e. HTML.

As you can imagine, web development requires a lot of effort and time along with an intricate understanding of how various components of web development work to stay ahead of your competitors. 

What is Web Development?

Web development simply means the process of creating and maintaining websites and includes various facets like web design, web programming, database management, and web publishing. To put it in a nutshell, the answer to “what is web development?” is that it includes all the activities related to the creation of applications that function on the internet – that is, websites.

There are two main aspects of web development: Frontend and Backend.

Frontend Development

The frontend is the part of the website with which the end-user interacts; what they see, click on, the forms they submit, and so on. It uses:

  • HTML is used to design the frontend using markup language – it’s the website structure.
  • CSS is a simple language used to render the web pages presentable
  • JavaScript is a scripting language that renders the websites dynamic
  • Bootstrap is an open-source, free suite of tools that makes websites and web apps responsive or mobile friendly.

Frameworks and Libraries used:

  • React.js
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS
  • Material UI
  • jQuery UI
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Backbone.js

Backend Development

The server side is referred to as the backend; users can’t see or interact with this. It is the part of the software used to store and organize data. It uses:

  • PHP, a scripting language for web development
  • Java is a highly scalable programming language
  • Python speeds up the work and enables efficient integration of systems
  • Node.js is a cross-platform runtime environment that allows out-of-browser JavaScript code execution.

Backend Frameworks

  • Express
  • Django
  • Rails
  • Laravel
  • Spring

Need of Web Development

Why do we need web development? – to make websites; and why do we need websites? There are several reasons. It can be used to represent your business and your brand online. You can establish an online presence and build awareness about the products and services you offer, and help people to understand how they can use those products and services to resolve their problems, and how they are better than your competitors’. To put it succinctly, good web development allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively with your visitors by offering valuable content, and responding in time to their queries, grievances, and suggestions
  • Expand your reach, attract more traffic to your website, and improve your connect with your target audience
  • Show potential customers that you are serious about your business, and build trust and confidence among customers about your brand.
  • Maintain ownership of your brand identity and protect it from being hijacked by third-party websites and ads
  • Send across the right message to your target audience and existing customers with relevant, useful and current information
  • Create a content hub 
  • Have optimized websites which succeeds in attracting organic, search engine traffic, and improve chances of converting visitors
  • Analyze website statistics like conversion rates, visitor engagement, and more, to help you craft or alter your marketing strategy

Why Web Development?

Here are a few reasons to think of building a career in web development:

  • A great stepping stone

It’s important to start small and expand on your core talents as you master them in order to secure your spot in the tech business. Web development is an excellent talent to have when you first begin your career as a programmer. Everything helps you learn skills that will help you further in your career, from deploying a server to changing the design to better UI/UX.

  • Easily expand into other areas

The best part of being a web developer is that there is no need to be tied to one particular area. This field comes with loads of transferable skills needed for other disciplines.

Web developers, for example, can simply transition to mobile development. The creation of mobile applications might access a distinct ecosystem due to the similarity of the interfaces. With all of your web development talents at your disposal, you can simply accomplish this.

  • Lessons of project management.

Becoming a developer is not the final goal for students, you want to be leading a team and become a project manager. You would surely prefer to be good enough for managing a whole project and a team. To do this successfully, you must be equipped with project management skills first. Taking up and delivering a couple of web development can help you learn these much-needed skills. Various operations involving design, development, testing and client management, will help you acquire skills that are important to become a project manager.

  • Understanding the digital world.

Seeing the progressive development in web technology, it’s a pretty good place to be. The companies are constantly looking out for new talent that gives the aspiring developers a chance to find their perfect role.

Not only this, as a web developer — you will have better creative control and real ownership of the projects. This will help you develop the skills that are required for your professional growth. Exciting, isn’t it?

 Top 10 web development technologies that are future web development

Now that you have read all about web development in a nutshell, let’s take a look at the web technologies that are in vogue now and likely to continue in the near future as well.

Websites are more than simply code; they represent the face of your company. Visitors are drawn to a website mostly because of its appearance, and they stay if the information is interesting. Businesses who are prepared to use the most up-to-date web development technology will have a better chance of attracting and converting more visitors than those that do not. The following are the most popular trends and technologies that will provide you a competitive advantage:

#1 Quantum Computing –

Quantum computing was introduced in the early 1980s. Despite this, it’s one of the fastest-growing technologies nowadays because tech giants such as IBM and AWS are investing billions of money in this technology. This innovation is going to completely change the future of web development. QC used the phenomenon of quantum physics such as Superposition and Entanglement.

The fundamental distinction between classical computing (what we now use) and quantum computing is that classical computing stores information as either 0 or 1 (conventional bits). Quantum bits, or qubits, are the units of quantum computing that may store information as 0, 1, or both at the same time.

Key Potential Applications of Quantum Computing –

  • To solve Computation problems (which are beyond the reach of classical computing)
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Drug Discovery
  • Financial Portfolio Optimization
  • Machine Learning

Any web developer or website development company can build programs that solve problems with the help of the quantum system by integrating QC high-level libraries into APIs. You can develop programs in Python Flask and Qiskit on IBM Cloud. Since IBM launched Qiskit in 2017, a certification program is running parallely.

#2 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) –

54.8 percent of global website traffic is generated from mobile devices as the stats published on Statista.

With Google’s AMP project, we can build faster websites and make advertising more effective. The public launch of this initiative has been a major driving force in the development of responsive web design methods as it allows us to take advantage of its optimization capabilities when building mobile-friendly sites – which are essential these days with so many people browsing online on their smartphones or tablets.

It also improves content performance by compressing images (which means you’ll download less data) and normalizing page speed by deleting unneeded parts. AMP pages provide a more secure mobile-optimized experience and can load much faster than traditional landing pages.

Advantages of AMP – 

Some other advantages that AMP have along with loading speed are:

  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Boost SEO and SERP ranking

#3 API-first Approach –

The demand for APIs based on the API-first strategy that can run efficiently on all devices, platforms, and operating systems is growing as applications and technology progress. It prefers to start with APIs and then switch to a code-first approach.

API-first approach based on Microservice Architecture. It allows web designers to design the application programming interface (API) before implementation. The application interface based on microservices is highly maintainable, testable, loosely coupled, and dependently deployable. It provides a good user experience (UX) on all devices

Image Source: API First Approach

Advantages of API-first Approach –

  • Developers can work in parallel
  • Reduce the cost of app development
  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Taken less time

#4 Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) –

In a time when we’re all becoming more conscious about privacy and security, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide an essential solution for keeping your users safe. These modern web applications offer excellent functionality and don’t crash or load slowly on multiple browsers, even when accessed differently, such as on mobile devices. They can help prevent data tampering by avoiding caching capabilities, which are occasionally vulnerable in websites delivered by HTTP-URLs.

PWA is a great way to make your website more engaging, as it not only provides easy-to-use features but also enables push notifications. With this in mind, you can share the link with friends who may want access.

By using manifest files, server workers, and an application shell architecture, progressive web apps (PWAs) leverage on the emerging trend of mobile-first design. These three components work together to create a fast-loading experience for consumers on all platforms, including smartphones and tablets (which currently account for nearly 60% of all internet traffic).

Advantages of PWAs –

Easy to Access –
Web apps can be added to the home screen. This feature allows users to create a shortcut of the web app on the home screen. Users are a single click away from favorite apps.

Progressive –
PWAs are progressive can work on both mobile devices and desktops. Easily adapt features of the browser or any device.

Easy to Find –
Because PWAs are a hybrid of websites and native apps it’s easy to find on search engines. More searchable compared to native apps.

Re-Targetable –
PWAs can retarget visitors or consumers through push notification services.

Linkable –
As the websites have URI for each page, product, and location. PWAs acquired this feature from the website. So that it is easily linkable and shareable by sharing URLs.

#5 Voice Search –

With its unique features, voice search, the most popular tool in SEO, may help businesses catch more customers’ attention. When technology advances at such a rapid pace, your company’s website content must be optimized so that it is compatible and recognizes people’s requests without requiring them to fill everything out on their phones or tablets screen-first.

Voice Search Optimization is an excellent way to bring quick and direct answers for customers, increasing website visitors. It has become a futuristic demand in the web development field as we know it now. Voice search has become an everyday occurrence, with 55% of teenagers using voice-based technology daily. By 2022, this will be worth 40 billion dollars – considering just how far ahead we are as humans (and consumers).

Therefore, voice search optimization has become the future of web development. It has been becoming a mandatory feature for upcoming websites and apps. So, every website development company should be ready for this.

Advantages of Voice Search Optimized Website –

  • Advanced user experience
  • Improve brand credibility
  • Build trust
  • Improve search engine ranking

#6 Single Page Applications (SPAs) –

Single-page applications are a great way to boost website performance, minimize page reloading interruptions and reduce web development time. A JavaScript framework used by many websites today, such as Yelp! or Facebook Messenger – they’re beneficial on all types of devices so you can build responsive sites with minimal effort.

Many franchisees were not optimized for mobile devices, according to Entrepreneur Magazine; at the time, 83 percent of franchisees had issues with this. According to a recent survey by BaseKit, nearly 91 percent of small businesses have websites that are difficult to view on mobile devices. This opens up a lot of possibilities for web application development in the future.

Single Page Applications are used HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, and JSON to build a complete single-page website. These allow a web page to update without reloading.

Advantages of SPAs –

  • No page Refresh
  • Easier Maintenance
  • No Distraction
  • Best User Experience on Mobile

#7 Blockchain Technology –

The world of web development is about to transform with the introduction of the blockchain. With the rise in cyber-security, many companies are turning towards blockchain for its high levels of protection, secure transactions, and ability to store critical data across multiple locations globally.

Blockchain is one of the technologies that has the ability to revolutionize and transform numerous industries. It was created as a decentralized open ledger with decentralized consensus. It works by using modification-resistant blocks to reduce transaction settlement frequency while cutting financial business costs for network users — all of these characteristics set it apart from competing technologies.

The process of adding many new blocks to the blockchain and verifying their validity is a lot more involved with this system. This protocol requires every node for it to work correctly. They have strict rules on how data travels across each other’s networks, so everything stays secure without any fraud.

It’s being used by banks and other areas like financial services or insurance. Still, its true value resides in how all of those components are linked together using algorithms with your client data at their core, allowing them to manage it more securely than ever before!

Therefore, blockchain has become the future of web development, and several companies started to develop a decentralized system.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology – 

  • Safe and Secure
  • Better Transparency
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Traceable
  • Cost-effective

#8 Cybersecurity –

We must approach cybersecurity as a serious concern. According to Cybersecurity Ventures (as stated by Business Insurance), this industry has experienced fast expansion, with some estimates estimating that cybercrime could cost $6 trillion per year by 2022.

Cybersecurity is a thriving concern for all sizes of businesses, as hackers attack every 39 seconds on average (according to a study done by Clark School).
The global security market is predicted to become 403 billion dollars by 2027, according to Brand Essence Research.

As a result, every business and organization must design incredibly secure websites, apps, or servers that can thwart cyber-attacks such as data breaches, phishing, denial-of-service (DoS), SQL Injection, or Malware.

Therefore, every business and organization needs the development of extremely secure websites, apps, or servers that can block attempts of cyber threats like Data Breaches, Phishing, Denial-of-Services (DoS), SQL Injection, or Malware attacks.

#9 AI and Chatbots

The future of marketing is now at your fingertips. AI chatbots can engage you in businesses and transform social interactions with customers, while Machine Learning helps create a more personal experience for everyone on the other end.

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is an AI program that assists in customizing software; it allows you to choose between different designs without having any coding knowledge. AI software helps to improve this process by providing instructions on how best to design your site to meet all standards with just one click.

With this revolutionary new technology, we can all expect to see more web developers using it in their work. It’s a welcome change that will help us improve search engines and accurate identification of articles on the internet. As the future of technology rapidly advances, you can expect to see more implementation and adoption for voice search; quantum computing is also coming into play with its potential applications. The use cases are endless.

#10 Motion UI –

If a website only blocks of information and HTML code then it’s hard to attract users. Nowadays, the front-end needs to be more engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly. So, websites or apps are capable of gaining customer attention and the interest of the users.

Motion UI is a popular technology for implementing animations in interfaces. It’s simpler to work with than JavaScript, and it has been applied successfully by organizations across various industries, including entertainment, gaming, science research, medicine architecture, interior design engineering, etc.

Minimalist designs offer a fantastic opportunity to improve your interactions. These contemporary, appealing, and durable artworks are realistic in their depiction of the future and 2D imagery, making them stand out in today’s market with current trends.

Easy to use, this feature of Motion UI makes it the future of web development. This technology helps websites to stand out different from competitors and has proven to gain the attention of customers since 2018. 

Future of Web Technologies

The trends we discussed above, are all likely to continue into the foreseeable future, that is for certain. Out of those, most experts in the industry feel that the main technologies that will hold sway are:

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds a prominent position in the future of web development. There are no templates or codes for this; all developers need to do is offer directions, and the site will be laid out exactly how they want it.

Artificial Design Intelligence or ADI is another emerging component of AI, and it assists developers to customize the software.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has so far only been seen in gaming, but some firms have already begun to incorporate it into their websites. Experts believe that because this technology is incredibly dynamic and entertaining for the end-user, it will be employed significantly more frequently in websites and web applications very soon.

Voice Functionality

With human beings demanding more convenience, and being on the move constantly and multi-tasking, voice functionality including voice search, speech recognition, and eCommerce through voice, are definitely going to be used increasingly.

Internet of Things (IoT)

While developers are not directly connected to IoT, they implement it in web apps. With more and more devices becoming connected and sending vital information to the end-user through cloud-based central computers, IoT is here to stay.

Scope of Web Development as a Career

Scope of Web Development as a Career

For individuals with the necessary talents, there are countless web developer jobs accessible on the market. We previously mentioned the current trending technologies, and it goes without saying that developers must be familiar with them: IoT, AI, VR, AR, as well as the latest programming languages, platforms, tools, and so on. If you want to work in web development, you need learn all of these talents.

Which industries are likely to provide you with a career in web development? Almost every industry uses web development for their business:

  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail
  • Entertainment 
  • Education
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Supply Chain
  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Professionals

Even software development, mobile app development, and digital marketing companies have their own websites obviously. 

You can opt to do either a long-term or short-term web development course, and you can find work as any of the following:

  • Web App Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end or Backend Developer
  • UX Architect
  • UX Designer
  • Web Marketing Analyst

You can work for a software firm or as a freelancer. Either option has a lot of potential. A freelancer is less likely to have a set salary, but more flexibility; you can pick and choose which projects you want to work on. An entry-level developer can earn up to Rs. 1,25,000 per year, whereas an expert developer can earn up to 6 or 7 times more.

Is web development a good career in terms of salary and opportunity?

One way to measure a potential career is in its earning potential and job opportunity. On the earning potential front, web development careers appear strong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the 2020 median annual salary for web developers and digital designers was $77,200—substantially more than the nationwide average of $41,950 for all occupations.

The BLS also projects employment for web developers to grow at a rate of 13 percent through 2030—a rate faster than the occupational average. This is due in part to the explosive growth of e-commerce and the rising demand for mobile-friendly design.

As it stands, there’s little to no indication that the world will become less internet-focused. Technologies and platforms may shift, but the future appears bright for skilled web developers. 


Web development is constantly evolving with advancements in technology. Though we may not be able to see this on a daily basis, it’s easy for us to look back and see how things have been transformed.

But seeing the fast-paced nature of this industry and, of course, the competition, it’s important to stay updated with the latest technology and tools to always stay at your best.

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