Java Project For Beginners

Java is one of the best languages that one can learn while stepping into the world of programming. The fact that Java is an object-oriented programming language is making making it even more popular recently. Despite the fact that it was first released in the 1990s, Java is still widely utilized for software development in a large number of enterprises throughout the world. As a result, many IT enthusiasts are attempting to master Java programming language through Java projects. After attempting successful Java projects, beginners can get hints as to how they can tackle the language and the technology to better performance results. In this article, we have listed the top Java projects for beginners in 2022.

Best Java Projects for Beginners

Check out these top Java Project Ideas to start your Java Programming Journey and Boost up your career with these beginner-level java projects.

1. Number Guessing Game

The fun and easy project “Guess the Number” is a short Java project that allows the user to guess the number generated by the computer & involves the following steps:

  1. The system generates a random number from a given range, say 1 to 100.
  2. The user is prompted to enter their given number in a displayed dialogue box.
  3. The computer then tells if the entered number matches the guesses number or it is higher/lower than the generated number.
  4. The game continues under the user guessing the number.

You can also incorporate further details as:

  • Limiting the number of attempts.
  • Adding more rounds.
  • Displaying score.
  • Giving points based on the number of attempts.

The user interface includes an input value option where the player must enter the predicted value, as well as a display of the remaining guessing time. If the guessed number is correct after fulfilling the restrictions, the player wins; otherwise, the player loses. The number can be in the range of 1 to 100 or 1 to 1000. In addition, if the figure you’ve predicted is too high or too low in comparison to the actual value, the app will notify you with the message “Too High” or “Too Low.” The true value is revealed after the limited effort is completed.

2. Currency Converter 

Different countries have different currencies and these currencies have daily variations relative to one another. People must be updated with the latest currency exchange rate while money transfer. As a result, the currency converter is a small Java project that provides a web-based interface for exchanging/converting money between different currencies. It is built with Ajax, Java servlets, and other web capabilities. Such applications have been applied in the fields of business, stocks, and finance.

We see variations with different countries using different currencies. Be aware of the current exchange prices in the market and then can convert from one currency to another. A calculator-like application, developed using Ajax, Applet, and web features of Java servlets. You also get a regular update when there’s a change in the value of the country’s currency and also the conversion rate. 

People use this application basically for business, shares, and finance-related areas where currency exchange and money transfer happen daily. You get a preferred choice to convert any country’s currency. Just enter the amount, the currency to which you want to transform to, click enter and you get the output.

3. Brick Breaker Game

The bricks in the Brick Breaker game are aligned at the top of the screen. The player is represented by a small ball that is put at the bottom of the screen on a small platform. The platform on the screen can be moved from left to right using the arrow buttons on the computer. The platform is used by the player to keep the ball moving. The goal is to smash as many bricks as possible while avoiding hitting the ball with your platform. The project makes extensive use of Java swing, OOPS ideas, and other programming techniques.

Many of you already heard of the brick breaker game. It has a small ball that knocks the bricks taking the help of a small platform at the base. The player handles this platform and tries to bounce the ball through that platform. In this project, the scoring depends on the number of bricked-broken, i.e., the more you destroy the bricks, the more you score. 

If you missed the chance for the ball to bounce, then the game is over. This project is basically for beginners who are looking for a minor project. This simple project will surely help you with your first-year project or also as an implementation for fun purposes. 

4. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

The Tic-Tac-Toe game application is a simple project developed using GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Java. It is very easy to understand and play, players generally prefer this kind of game when they’re bored and want something to play which is quick and easy.

The game begins with two active players and a single-print board on the screen that displays nine boxes (i.e. 33). The first player to begin the game must enter an X or an O for either one of the boxes, followed by the other player inputting the other X or O. (opposite to what the first player has entered). This will continue until one of them gets a diagonal or straight line cut. The game is won by the person who discovers the line. 

5. ATM Interface

We have all come across ATMs in our cities and it is built on Java. This complex project consists of five different classes and is a console-based application. When the system starts the user is prompted with user id and user pin. On entering the details successfully, then ATM functionalities are unlocked. The project allows to perform following operations:

  1. Transactions History
  2. Withdraw
  3. Deposit
  4. Transfer
  5. Quit

6. Airline Reservation System

The project is web-based featuring open architecture that means the app keeps up with the dynamic needs of the airline business by addition of new systems & functionality. The project includes online transaction, fares, inventory & e-ticket operations.

The software consists of four key modules i.e. user registration, login, reservation and cancellation. The app allows communication through a TCP/IP network protocol thereby facilitating the usage of internet & intranet communication globally.

The main features of the project are:

  1. Reservation & cancellation of the tickets.
  2. Automation of system functions.
  3. Quick customer responses.
  4. Perform transaction management & routing functions.
  5. Maintain passenger records.

This web-based Java project helps you in searching from your starting point to your final destination, as well as filtering out flight details such as timing and available seats. It uses internationally dispersed technologies to consolidate data from all airlines. It next asks you to select a flight with a selected time window, finish the payment, and book the ticket after you’ve entered all of the customer’s essential information. It gives real-time pricing to both customers and travel brokers. It also includes two areas where you may book a domestic and an international flight.

7. School Management System 

This project is a simple School Management System. It simply deals with students, teachers, and funds. It does not take care of attendance, bus tracking, time-table, etc. In other words, you can say the instructor is implementing a money management system for the school. In this project, you will be implementing OOPs concepts, simple concepts of Collection in java, etc.

The goal of this application is to make it easier for the school management system to manage data. When it comes to keeping records, the manual system might be cumbersome, which is where our project comes in. It keeps track of students’, teachers’, and staff’s personal information. This system includes modules for administrative, student, staff, and teacher functions. The admin is in charge of keeping track of the database’s records, such as adding people, updating their information, and removing their profiles.

8. Online Book Store

This project is primarily designed for bookshops and shops to computerize the book purchasing process, as the working mechanisms in all businesses are being digitized as technology advances. The project’s goal is to develop an effective and dependable online bookselling and buying platform that will benefit both buyers and sellers. It saves time for buyers by allowing access from anywhere and delivering home delivery.

The proposed web-based project also records sold & stock books automatically in the database.

The main features of the project are:

  1. Security: Only registered users can access the Database.
  2. Books can be grouped based on the price, title etc.
  3. The ordered books are safely delivered.
  4. The project is fast & efficient for both the store manager and customer.
  5. The project should be reliable to carry online transactions.

9. Snake Game in Java

If you are a 90’s Kid or an adult you have probably played this game on your phones. Have you ever thought of building this game? The goal of this game is to make the snake eat the tokens which are its food w/o the snake being touched to the boundary on the screen. Every time the snake eats the token the score is updated. The player loses when the snake touches the boundary & the final score is displayed.

The app was created many years ago and got a lot of traction in just a few months. The game begins with a snake whose size rises as it consumes more apples, and the snake’s life ends when it collides with a wall or any other obstacle in its path. In other words, the more apple snakes you consume, the higher your score will be. The navigation is similar to that of a snake, which may turn ninety degrees left or right. A constructor can be used to initiate a snake’s movement, and a function can be used to conduct numerous actions.

10. Online Cab Booking System 

Ola and Uber are the online cab booking system that almost every one of us has become used. So building such a Java application would be the best idea. 

In this project, the main objective is to help customers in booking a cab to reach their destination with pick-up as their preferred location. The application fetches your pick-up location and asks you to enter the drop location, when entered, finds a cab driver nearby and even tells you the calculated time the cab will take to drop you at the location. The system is designed using Spring MVC, Servlets, Hibernate, JDBC, JSP, HTML, and CSS. 

11. Social Networking Site

Social Networking Site has gained a lot of popularity among individuals. It is Java JSP and MySQL project, running on the tomcat server. The management of users, photos, and videos are taken care of by this system. 

The app has a login page, a home page that displays all of the posts made by friends who have been added to your account, a notification page that displays all of the alerts, and a profile page where you may modify your information and submit a photo. To finish the operation that is being submitted to the server, it uses HTTP requests. Decoding the request, authenticating the user, and performing database modifications are the steps that the server takes. If anything other than boolean is detected, JSON is utilized to encode the result.

12. Bug Tracking System

A system that keeps track of bugs that occurred during the development of a project. This Java-based application is created to help developers to manage bugs/errors occurring during SDLC. 

Bug Tracking System is a program that focuses on tracking bugs and updating their status. When a developer uses a bug tracking system, he or she gains an assistant to assist them throughout the SDLC. The developer, admin, and management modules may all be present in this. The system keeps track of all the defects in great detail so that the developer may work on them individually.

13. Web Server Management System

Named as “E-Space” this webserver management system project deals with the information, maintenance and information management of the webserver. Web servers are considered worthy solutions for the companies in this world of fast-moving e-Commerce websites to make their products available over the web.

The project provides solutions for company’s activeness on the internet by providing server maintenance of the company.

The project has the following objectives:

  1. To identify if the consumer is an individual, business entity or just another web server.
  2. Trace the physical location of the individual, business entity or web server.
  3. Consumer known security & privacy policy.
  4. Identify URL Authorities & URL Names.
  5. Maintain relationships between consumers & company’s web services.

14. Data Visualization Software

Data visualization is the process of creating a presentation and visualizing data in a graphical or pictorial style. Because it is strongly related to information graphics and visualization, statistical graphics, and scientific visualization, data visualization has become an active subject of research and development.

The project displays the node connectivity in networking in data visualization form. This node connectivity can be located at different locations via mouse or trackpad. The project has the following goals & objectives:

  1. Effective and Clear Communication of information using graphical & pictorial means.
  2. It should have both functionality and Aesthetic.
  3. It should convey ideas effectively & provide necessary insights into complex sets of data & information.

Data Visualization software makes it easier for the user to understand & grasp the information when they are displayed or represented as charts or graphs rather than report pages.

15. Advanced Chatting Application 

When everything has come online, chatting is also performed online be it your online friends or anyone. Hence, this advanced chatting application has advanced features like smooth communication with video and audio call facilities, and many more.

We don’t have just one system; we have several systems that are linked together. Instead of using basic request-based communication, client and server communication is used. Sockets will be used to communicate with this program. On the same network, the server and client can run on different computers. Multiple clients can connect to a server and communicate with one another. These days, every app has a feature called ‘Help’ that allows you to talk with a bot, from transportation applications like Ola and Uber to food apps like Zomato and Swiggy.

Sockets are something new that one has to learn here in adhering to the advancement of the project because they will be used for networking, and TCP/IP protocols so communication can be built.  

16. Email System

A great medium to conversate in an official way is through e-mails. Email system implemented using Java is of great value to organizations. So, advanced programmers can focus on the implementation of this project 

The project functions something like this – the ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) mail server handles the emails sent from an ISP. All the sent emails first come to the mail server, after which they are processed and forwarded to the collector’s destination where another mail server is located.

On the collector side, the mail server receives incoming emails and sorts them into the inbox electronically. The receiver can now examine the emails that have been sent to them using their email application. The entire transaction takes place through the program’s direct connection to the mail server, making it far safer than traditional email client software.

This Email System is designed for sending and receiving emails in a correct format for official communication. To access emails, this system uses HTTP port 80, and the two primary protocols that can be utilized are SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP3. Data can be transferred using the Java mail API. The ISP mail server receives and processes every incoming mail before forwarding it to the intended receiver.

17. Simple Search Engine

You search for anything using a search engine so building a simple search engine can be one of the best projects. Applying a ranking algorithm can give better results.

Simple Search Engine is a Java application created with the help of Servlets, SQL Server, and the Oracle database. It may include features such as a search bar that displays the top 30 websites that are linked to the keyword typed in. The SOIF (Summary Object Interchange Format) format is used to express the database holding resource descriptions. The Java interface offered by classes in the Java SDK is used to interact with the search server in order to access the database. Your search engine keeps track of the pages you’ve looked for, the pages you’ve visited in the last few days, the accounts you’ve linked to it, and so on.

18. Flappy Bird Game

Flappy bird game is a very simple Java-based gaming app in which the main character (which is the bird) has to reach the final destination after crossing all the hurdles. The use of the swing component in Java is perfect in this case.

The player must control the movement of the bird in this gaming application. The fabby bird only ascends when the player taps the screen, otherwise it lowers. When the fabby bird clears one hurdle, the count increases by one, and the time duration is recorded. If there is a contact with any hurdle, the game will be over.

19. Notes and Password Manager

This application is similar to a To-Do List app which helps you to complete your daily tasks and keep track of ongoing tasks. It also has a password for the users to log in to keep the data secure. 

This tool is extremely useful when a person has a large number of activities to complete, some of which must be completed immediately. This tool lets you keep track of your everyday duties and complete them. Individuals and even companies can use this to manage daily tasks. This saves them time by storing their information in a single database for each user. Setting up the details, authenticating it with an authorized user, and maintaining notes and passwords are the procedures to take. It has basic features including a login page, home page, note page, and the ability to update information on the note page.

20. Online CV/Resume Builder

You’re ready to apply for a job but don’t have an interesting CV/which perfectly shows your skills and qualifications. Online CV/Resume Builder comes to the rescue where just by entering required details you’ll get your CV/Resume in pdf format which is auto-generated. 

An online resume builder project is a web-based tool that can assist students and other professionals in obtaining an instant resume template that they can easily fill out with their qualifications. An online resume builder offers a variety of common templates that may be downloaded in a variety of formats, including PDF. A user will not need to devote a significant amount of effort on preparing and designing his or her résumé. He will just fill out his personal information and download his CV while on the go.

The online resume/cv builder application helps job seekers to build a CV with a proper format. It has different templates to choose from wherein you can opt for the best one. This application contains various modules which are user, skills, job, salary, and resume. Using these modules, different sections of a CV are made and after entering the details you get a properly organized CV.


That brings us to the Java projects that we encounter in our daily lives. Be it playing games, withdrawing money from ATMs, or shopping online or even reserving an airline ticket Java code helps through all these tasks. Java is a robust and secure language and that is what makes it developers’ favourite to carry out such projects. Gaining a fluency to code in Java opens doors to many opportunities. So gear up and try these projects to build up your profile in Java. You could also share your attempt vis GitHub in the comments below. Did you try any other fun projects in Java? Let us know and share it with the community.


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