HTML Formatting

HTML Formatting Tags are used to alter the appearance of text so that it has a more appealing appearance than the default content. Text can be bolded, italicized, underlined, and so on using formatting tags.

All of the formatting tags are linked to one another. Anything written between any formatting tag will be displayed in the browser according to the tag. Anything written between I and /i>, for example, will appear in the browser as italic text.

There are different tags for various formatting tags. Each Tag has its own type of formatting associated with it.

Some HTML Formatting tags are:

  • Bold Tag <b>
  • Italic Tag <i>
  • Underline Tag <u>
  • Strong Tag <strong>
  • Small Tag <small>
  • Big Tag <big>
  • Mark Tag <mark>
  • Emphasized Tag <em>
  • Deleted Tag <del>
  • Inserted Tag <ins>
  • Subscripted Tag <sub>
  • Superscripted Tag <sup>

Following are few common formatting tags.

<b><b>Bold Text</b>An example of Bold Text
<big><big>Big Text</big>An example of Big Text
<center><center>Center Text</center>An example of Center Text
<em><em>Emphasized Text</em>An example of Emphasized Text
<i><i>Italic Text</i>An example of Italic Text
<small><small>Small Text</small>An example of Small Text
<strong><strong>Strong Text</strong>An example of Strong Text
<sub><sub>Subscript Text</sub>An example of Subscript Text
<sup><sup>Superscript Text</sup>An example of Superscript Text
<del>Delete Text</del>
<s>Strike Text</s>
<strike>Strike Text</strike>
An example of  Delete Text
An example of  Strike Text
An example of Strike Text
<u><u>Underline Text</u>An example of Underline Text
<tt><tt>Teletype Text</tt>An example of  Teletype Text
<blockquote><blockquote>Long Quotation</blockquote>
<q>Short Quotation Text</q>
An example of  Long Quotation Text
An example of  Short Quotation Text

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