Footprinting Countermeasures

This article show you the most effective countermeasures for footprinting. 

  • Restrict the employees to access social networking sites from organization’s network
  • Configure web servers to avoid information leakage
  • Educate employees to use pseudonyms on blogs, groups, and forums
  • Do not reveal critical information in press releases, annual reports, product catalogues, etc.
  • Limit the amount of information that you are publishing on the website/Internet
  • Use footprinting techniques to discover and remove any sensitive information publicly available
  • Prevent search engines from caching a web page and use anonymous registration services
  • Enforce security policies to regulate the information that employees can reveal to third parties
  • Set apart internal and external DNS or use split DNS, and restrict zone transfer to authorized servers
  • Disable directory listings in the web servers
  • Educate employees about various social engineering tricks and risks
  • Opt for privacy services on Whois Lookup database
  • Avoid domain-level cross-linking for the critical assets
  • Encrypt and password protect sensitive information

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