Draw Network Diagrams

Network Diagrams are used by system administrators to plan and strategize network infrastructure. It connects individual devices and creates intranets for file and internet distribution using switches, hubs, printers, routers, and other networking components. With Creately’s network diagram software you can easily visualize your network architectures online.

How to Create a Network Diagram?

  • Gather requirements including the information on the scope and the budget for the network infrastructure.
  • Choose the correct technology and standards that match the budget and the expected capabilities and select a template from Creately’s extensive network templates library.
  • Add and remove the network components as required for the infrastructure. Use the drag-drop capabilities and Creately’s comprehensive shape library to find components according to the standard.
  • Connect the network components by using the correct cables, switches, routers, hubs, and other industry-standard components.
  • Invite the team to a real-time conference to discuss and gather feedback.
  • Analyze the feedback and changes via the in-line commenting and version history to modify or improve the proposed network infrastructure.
  • Once finalized, use Google/Microsoft add-ons, embed in an email, website, or export the network diagram in various formats including SVG, PDF, PNG, and many more.  

Network Discovery Tool

  • Network Topology Mapper:
    • Network Topology Mapper discovers a network and produces a comprehensive network diagram.
  • OpManager:
    • OpManager is a network monitoring software that offers advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources such as routers, WAN links, switches, firewalls, VoIP call paths, physical servers, etc.
  • NetworkView:
    • NetworkView is a network discovery and management tool for Windows.
    • Discover TCP/IP nodes and routes using DNS, SNMP, ports, NetBIOS, and WMI.

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