Cheat Sheets that always save my time during web development

Being developers, we work with many different languages. Which makes it humanly impossible to remember...

Cheat Sheets that always save my time during web development

Being developers, we work with many different languages. Which makes it humanly impossible to remember all its aspects. Yes, we do have MDN docs, but looking at them for every little issue can be time-consuming. This is when a “Cheat Sheet” comes super-handy.

When it comes to Web development, HTML is the first choice. Web development generally comprises 3 fundamentals: basically HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT.

So I always prefer cheatsheets because in 90% of cases I got my answer from them.

In this post, we’ll go through some quick and useful cheat sheets that’ll save you hours in wasted time each week.

So today I’m going to share a list of top cheatsheets that save my time during development.

1. HTML Cheatsheet 

This Cheat Sheet contains useful code examples and developer tools, markup generators, and more on a single page.

This is a helpful quick guide for those who already know how to work with these languages.

2. HTML Reference

If you believe in learning by examples: Let me tell you about this one. is a free guide to HTML. You will find all the elements and attributes with proper examples for a better understanding.

You’ll find every HTML element arranged in alphabetical order.

3. CSS Reference – A free visual guide to CSS

CSS has a lot of attributes, as we all know. Do you recall all of them? I suppose no one does.
So, what exactly is the ruse? This cheat sheet is a ruse.

If you’re looking for a complete reference with adequate examples, you need to check this.

It features the most popular properties and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.

4. CSS Cheatsheet 

This Cheat Sheet contains the CSS properties, text-shadow generators, color picker, and some common code snippets.

5. Grid Layout 

This one is not only a time saver but it is really a lifesaver because whenever I’m working with grid layout, most of the time I need a cheat sheet.

6. JavaScript 

This Cheat Seet contains useful code examples on a single page. Find code for JS loops, variables, objects, data types, strings, events, and many other categories.

7. FLEX: A simple visual cheatsheet for flexbox

The Flexible Box Layout module makes it easier to design flexible responsive layout structures without using float or positioning.

Learn all about the properties available in flexbox through simple visual examples. You need to fix the alignment of your webpage but you don’t know which property would work? Take a look at these cheat sheets. It’ll give you a clear idea of the properties you need to apply.

8. React 

This single cheat sheet contains various code examples to boost your react development.

9. Git 

This cheat sheet contains a list of handy git commands to make your life easier!


Cheatography has thousands of incredible, original programming cheat sheets. You will find everything related to a particular programming language and can easily download them.

For quick reference purposes, this is the best one to pick.


If you’re looking for a site containing all the cheat sheets, all! is the one for you. You don’t need to bang your head every time you don’t remember something. Take a look at these cheat sheets and ease your work.

This website aggregates cheat sheets for many popular programming languages such as JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, Python, CSS. 


Cheat Sheets are best for taking quick references and boosting productivity. I hope you found this article useful and you enjoyed the reading.