5 Time Saving VS Code Setting You Need To Do Right Now

Introduction  This article is meant for absolute beginners of Visual Studio Code and web development, Others may not find this article useful. Developing a website in the most popular programming environment, Visual Studio Code, requires a developer to do some repetitive tasks such as saving, refreshing the web page and typing the same code, etc…  In … Continue Reading

Top 10 VS Code Themes

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight yet powerful free-ware source-code editor made by Microsoft. It is very popular among web, mobile, and hardware developers, and one of the best products created by Microsoft. Debugging, intelligent code completion, syntax highlighting, code refactoring, a vast ecosystem of extensions, and easy customization are all available. It is widely used, and … Continue Reading

10 VS Code extensions every Frontend Developer should use

Our homes are where we spend so much of our time.text editorsWe all have those frustrating moments that make it difficult to get things done. Sometimes it takes too much time to find the right file, and sometimes finding the matching bracket is a tedious adventure all on its own. Let’s get rid of all these … Continue Reading

14 VS Code Shortcuts to Supercharge Your Productivity

Software engineers are known for being extremely efficient. Every coder goal is to optimize all aspects of the code. We don’t want you to spend 10 seconds searching for the right thing on the GUI. We don’t want even 2 seconds. We don’t need to do this when we can use the keyboard shortcuts to make … Continue Reading

Make VSCode lighter

VSCode is an excellent Code Editor, more than an IDE. This can be a problem in larger projects as it requires a lot of CPU and RAM. This is not the only issue with VSCode, but it does apply to many of its extensions. VSCode’s extensions have the best quality. These extensions are written for Nodejs using JS, so … Continue Reading