Best ReactJS Projects for Beginners

Aiming to master front-end frameworks? Start learning ReactJS diligently and look forward to a great career in...

Best ReactJS Projects for Beginners

Aiming to master front-end frameworks? Start learning ReactJS diligently and look forward to a great career in programming. The best way to move forward is to start building ReactJS projects for beginners and get hands-on with ReactJS.

You can learn theoretical concepts and prepare for professional development challenges by working on smaller real-world projects. Once you’ve successfully deployed your ReactJS apps, you’ll be able to show off your successes to potential employers and land your ideal job.

Building ReactJS projects for beginners will not only allow you to strengthen up React skills but also will help you explore your creative sides as a developer. Also, it will make you familiar with React developer tools and react ecosystem for each project as per the need for that project.

The development of a React project is a self-directed process. You’ll have to depend on trial and error to learn. There won’t be anything to guide you on constructing React projects, unlike the basics of React via online study materials.

But still, there is numerous content online that teaches the basic core steps of app development, along with the source code. 

As a beginner, developing a ReactJS project may seem complex, but by breaking down an application into smaller components, the process may be simplified. Focus on one feature at a time and keep connecting the dots as you progress through the complexities of development.

As you continue to practice with different React tools and ecosystems, you will understand the common patterns of app development and start identifying which tools work best for developing specific features of a React app. 

Some Useful Points for ReactJS projects for beginners

1. When you start creating simple apps with Reactjs, it will be a great idea to pay attention to Redux and React-Router as well.

Redux is an open-source application state manager. It will help you to keep your application clean while you have to keep a lot of data.

React-Router is a library used with React.js to create and manage routes in single-page applications.

2. When you start practicing this framework, revise and master all your HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills.

3. With ReactJS, you can also use Bootstrap or any other CSS frameworks you prefer.

4. For REST API, you can use the JavaScript fetch method or external axios library.

5. For starting a new React.js project, you can use create-react-app


By now you must be clear on the requirements for building React apps. Let’s start React Learning Path about a few of the best ReactJS projects for beginners list-

ReactJS Projects for Beginners

1. Social Media App

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are good examples of smart apps, therefore the future of social media marketing in India is bright. Because they contain an ever-increasing amount of advanced features, these apps might be a wonderful source of inspiration for a React project. The best aspect about utilizing React to design a social media app is that you already know what functionality you’ll need. The following are some of the most popular features seen in practically all social media apps:

  • User authentication
  • Notification and newsfeed
  • Easy integration with other platforms
  • Posting, sharing, and commenting

Basically, a social media app gives you a lot of room to play around with. After adding the most basic capabilities (such as the ones listed above), you may add customization options that allow end-users to tailor their profiles and accounts to their specific needs and preferences.

Technologies you can use: 

  • Create React App or React Native for creating dynamic UI for posts, messages, and likes.
  • AWS Amplify, or Firebase, or Hasura (using GraphQL subscriptions) for real-time data. 
  • AWS Lambda or Firebase Functions for app notifications
  • Firebase or Cloudinary storage for uploading pictures and videos

2. E-Commerce Apps

E-commerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc. have become an integral part of our lives. To stay ahead of the competition, every business owner is developing their own apps. As a result, having hands-on experience developing functional e-commerce react apps will increase your marketability in the development sector.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about creating a small e-commerce project that focuses on a specific industry; you can construct your e-commerce app around any industry that interests you, such as mobiles, TVs, or laptops.

Your e-commerce app can ensure the delivery of products or services along with browsing products or services.

Also, customers can enjoy seamless customer service.

All-round customer support and good customer experience are two vital elements of any successful app, so make sure customers can enjoy seamless customer service with your ReactJS projects for beginners

As far as features of the e-commerce app are concerned-

  1. Keep the layout and interface neat and easy-to-navigate,
  2. Include the location option for deliveries, add a shopping cart, and a wishlist.
  3. Make sure the checkout process incorporates the necessary authentication options (as a guest or registered user).

Technologies for e-commerce react apps:

  1. Create React App, or Gatsby are excellent for building the storefront that displays the products/services.
  2. Algolia is suitable for creating a lightning-fast product search interface.
  3. Netlify/AWS Lambda for handling the checkout process.
  4. Stripe/react-stripe-elements for managing the payment process.
  5. Snipcart allows you to create a cart and also manage the cart products.

3. Messaging App

Messaging apps and services are extremely popular among internet users. However, messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have become such an integral part of everyday lives that we can’t picture life without them. Instant texting has become ingrained in our culture. Even large and small businesses rely on the power of instant messaging to provide round-the-clock client service. As a result, one of the easiest ways to monetise your React abilities is to design a messaging app.

When creating a mobile messaging app, the first thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to create a platform that allows two or more individuals to communicate in real time. The crucial word here is “real-time,” as that is the heart of instant messaging. You can use WebSockets-based solutions like Firebase or Hasura to display messages in a chat right away. For this project, React Native is the best option.

Technologies to utilize:

  • React Native or React Native Web as these are both excellent for developing mobile messaging apps and hybrid (web + mobile) messaging apps.
  • Firebase, AWS Amplify, or Hasura for sending and receiving messages in real-time.
  • Cloudinary or Firebase storage for sending/receiving messages with image or video content.
  • npm emoji-mart package for emojis that users can include in their messages

4. Calculator

Calculators are small devices that can do a variety of basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentage calculations. Our project will be based on the concept of a calculator that can do these fundamental operations. To make even a simple calculator, you’ll need to set up all of the individual components, construct a shared interactive platform, and set up a support system to deal with errors, crashes, and bugs. To store and run the calculator app, use the Create React App package to create a directory.

5. ToDo App

Another important ReactJS project for beginners which everybody should do when practicing Reactjs is a simple Todo App. It can contain one or three cards or boxes, where you will display the planned tasks, in-progress tasks, and the done tasks.

You can also use different colors to represent the progress of a task. A simple popup or modal to add a new task and a delete button for unnecessary jobs is another useful feature you can include.

6. Blog

The next useful idea you can add to your ReactJS projects for beginners would be a blog. And for writing aspirant coders, this can be the stepping stone to your own blog one day.

Create the components for displaying the blog posts, one for displaying them as a grid and another for displaying the entire article with a title, image, and text.

Also, you can create a way to publish a new post, which means you need to create a form with title input, textarea, and image upload component. Later, you could add features like comments, voting, or editing the posts.

7. Simple CRM

One of the easiest ReactJS projects for beginners using React.js is CRM. In this ReactJS project, you can list customers and the projects or meetings, add options for filtering and sorting by different values, add a new user, and a button to delete the user as well. 

You decide how many extra features you want. Using Bootstrap for this project is a great choice because it comes with a number of ready-to-use components.

8. Weather App

This is a perfect ReactJS project for beginners, where you can code it in a matter of a few hours! For this app, you can leverage fake, hard-coded data until you get all the features correct.

You’ll learn how to connect to an external API and present the relevant results while working on this weather app. This skill will come in handy when you’re working on other single-page apps that are built to pull data from external sources and present the results.

In this, you have to build a weather app that can display a 5-day weather forecast with all the basic functions, including city name, current weather icon, temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. It must display the recording of high and low temperatures of each day, including images for sunny/ rainy/ cloudy/ snowy weather conditions.

It should have a responsive design and refresh every 5 minutes with exact temperature and weather conditions.

After getting key functionalities in place, you can expand the app in the following ways:

  1. Include the functionality where the user can click on a particular day of the week to see the hourly forecast.
  2. Add React Router to the app (npm install react-router). Check out the quickstart guide to add routes. For instance- routes that can display the 5-day forecast, along with the name-of-day and the hourly forecast for that day.
  3. Sign up on the open weather map to obtain a free API key and to fetch a 5-day forecast, then feed this data in your app.
  4. If you wish to make the app more attractive, you can add graphics library like VX.


  1. NodeJS and Bower are perfect for this app.
  2. Gulp Task Runner and SASS CSS pre-processor can be used.
  3. You can check Erik Flowers for weather icons, and for “require” modules, you can use Browserify.

9. Resume Builder

In today’s era, every one of us wishes to get hired in top MNCs. And this is only possible when you have a strong and unique resume. Prior knowledge of JavaScript, React, Material UI, React Hooks, React Router is a must. Creating custom components and installation of libraries are required to implement this project.  
Thus, the resume built using this app must include –

  • Professional summary
  • Education qualifications
  • Academic and non-academic skills,
  • Career objective
  • Experience and Internships
  • Skills and Achievements

10. Gaming  App 

Building a gaming app is one of the most amazing React Project Ideas for Beginners. Have you heard about Tic Tac Toe, Snake game, Sudoku, etc. which most of us have played since we were young? You can build it all on your own.  Feels amazing, right? The simple gaming app can be built using basic features of React. For example, Sudoku can be built by understanding the concepts of React-JS and Redux. The use of functional components, react hooks, props only can help you in implementing the application. This game should have features like –

  • Undo
  • Erase,
  • Displaying Score on every step.
  • “Congratulations” message when winning the game

11. React Forms

The next React Project Ideas for Beginners on which you can work is the React form. Several forms are being generated to gather the individual’s data. You should have a clear idea of event handlers, react hooks, states, etc. All the buttons should work properly. To get more information about react hooks click here. The entire form should save the data in the backend. When you’re ready, give the dummy data to see the action.
 It should include features like – 

  • Taking user’s data.
  • A SUBMIT button.
  • On submit must highlight the empty block.
  • Error message when entering the wrong format of email ID.
  • Display a success message on successful submission.


We hope this article was inspiring enough to get you into the app development mindset. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at developing real-world projects with React.