7 Must-Know VS Code Extensions for a React Developer

Visual Studio Code has grown over the years to become the best and most popular text editor for java, app and web developers. With more than 14 million users worldwide, Visual Studio Code is unarguably the default text editor for developers.

Most developers underutilize VS Code because Visual Studio Code comes fully functional out of the box. This can be considered as plug-and-play that is you can download VS Code and start building apps and APIs.

Install a number of the Visual Studio Extensions mentioned below to make your development a lot of and a lot of power tools than the alternative and make your development a lot of and a lot of power tools than the alternative.

These popular VS Code extensions apply to JavaScript and ReactJS developers, but there are some general-purpose VS Code extensions that will benefit everyone else.

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Here are the Top 7 Visual Studio Code Extensions we will cover

1. React Style Helper

I feel that if you’re a React developer, you’ll have to write a lot of style elements. This VS code extension will come in handy in this situation. It will make writing styles in JSX much easier. It also has powerful auxiliary development functions in CSS, LESS, and SASS style files. Other capabilities include Autocomplete, Goes to Definition, and Creates JSX/TSX inline CSS styles, among others. There are over 52k installations.

2. VS Code React Refactor

Refactoring is one of the tasks that every developer does. If you work on a large project, sometimes, refactoring becomes problematic. This extension will help you in this scenario. It has many features like Extract JSX code parts to a new class or functional component, Supports TypeScript and TSX, is Compatible with React Hooks API, etc. It has around 88k installations.

3. React PropTypes Intellisense

I believe that if you have worked with React, you must have worked with PropTypes. In a large project, there will be a lot of PropTypes. The extension finds React PropTypes and adds them to the suggestion list. It has around 85k installations.

4. ES7+ React/Redux/React-Native snippets

I think this is the most used VS code extension by React developers. It has almost 4 million installations. This is a must-have VS Code addon for you, in my opinion. This will make things a lot easier for you. This contains JavaScript and React/Redux snippets in ES7+, as you may have guessed from the name.

5. Git Lens

Who wrote the code?

You may think, wait, isn’t this supposed to be a list of VS Code extensions for React? But I believe Git is the only thing that is used by every developer. So I think this will be super helpful for you too if you are a React developer. This extension supercharges the Git capabilities. This helps us to know who, why, and when the code is changed. There are lots of functionalities that can be customized.

6. Color Highlight

This is a simple extension but it will help a lot. As developers, sometimes we have to work with lots of colors. This plugin helps to identify the color through color code.

7. React Documentation

Documentation is the friend of a developer. It helps us in a variety of ways, such as determining what the property performs and why it is employed. This plugin provides inline documentation for numerous React-related methods/properties, as you could have guessed from the name.

That’s all for today. I hope this extension will help you to increase productivity and better coding. Hope, that these extensions will help you too.

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