25+ Web Development Books For Beginners

Online courses are great and all, but sometimes you just want to be able to flip through a book.

A career in web development can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Tons of online courses and tutorials teach you the basics of web development and advanced topics like Python, Django, Angular, node.js, Java, relational databases, and typography. 

However, there’s nothing better than having a tangible book on web development you can refer to whenever necessary.

You may discover a book that matches your goals, whether you want to start with a full-stack web development book for beginners, refresh your knowledge on a specific web development element, or increase your web development expertise.

To help you find the perfect book, we’re going to show you the best web development books for beginners that will help you learn web development .

Books are a great way to consume knowledge because books are written with a lot of research so the information you get from books is accurate. I love to read books. “Readers are leaders” love this quote. Books have a lot of hidden knowledge which videos don’t provide.

If you are someone who loves to read books and want to learn web development then you should read these best web development books. It will help you become a successful web developer.

Web development is a long journey and if you want to know and have an idea of web development then you should read this article.

Below, you’ll find the best web development books on Amazon to learn web development, expand your web development knowledge, start your web developer career, or improve your web design business. 

Table of Contents

1. Coding All-in-One For Dummies (by Nikhil Abraham et al.)

This should be the book you buy if you only buy one web development book. It’s actually nine books rolled into one, covering everything from coding principles to career options to mastering in-demand computer languages from the ground up.

Here’s an overview of the topics you will learn:

  • Coding basics for absolute beginners
  • Coding career paths
  • HTML and CSS
  • Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Web application coding and debugging
  • Data analysis with Python
  • Machine learning basics

This book has been my go-to guide for years now. It covers so many topics that it’s often the only reference I need to make sure I’m not going to screw up anything.

Perfect for absolute coding beginners – my top recommendation!

2. HTML & CSS design and build websites by Jon Duckett

HTML & CSS design and build websites by Jon Duckett

This is a highly popular novel. Jon Duckett wrote the book. This book will instruct you on how to use HTML and CSS. If you are a newbie web developer, you should consider purchasing this book.

This book covers all the web design fundamentals. It teaches you to design and develop websites with HTML and CSS. You learn responsive design, best practices of web development in this book.

3. Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide (by Jennifer Niederst Robbins)

Learning Web Design is an all-in-one beginner’s web development book for anyone who is completely new to tech and wants to build their own websites from scratch.

You’ll begin by learning the foundations of how the internet and websites function. The next chapters expand on that foundation, and by the conclusion of the book, you’ll know how to create a responsive web page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You will also learn how to use the Command Line, Git, and other nifty tools you will need in your daily work as a web designer.

If you have no experience with websites, this is a great introduction to the world of web development.

4. The Clean Coder (by Robert Martin)

This programming book includes helpful hints for learning to code as well as establishing a career in the IT industry. Although the information is mostly geared toward software development, it may also be used to become an excellent web developer.

The Clean Coder doesn’t teach you any specific programming language. I repeat: you won’t learn how to code a website project per se.

Instead, the book teaches you how to become a professional developer, deal with the ups and downs of your projects, manage your time, and work more productively.

This guide helped me gain more confidence in what I can create with code. It showed me how to get over writer’s block – which I struggle with way too often.

5. Web Design With HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set

The first title on the list is a set of books by Jon Duckett. These two books are top-rated and with good reason. They cover everything from the basics down to the more advanced web development topics and responsive web design. 

On top of that, they feature beautiful illustrations to make learning web design more enjoyable. The HTML and CSS book covers structure, tables, forms, styling with CSS3, box model, and even SEO. 

The JavaScript and jQuery web development book offers a great introduction to both topics with plenty of diagrams and infographics. This set is a perfect choice if you’re just getting started in web development.

Recommended HTML Guides:

6. Designing with web standards by Jeffrey Zeldman

Designing with web standards by Jeffrey Zeldman

This book teaches you web design according to web standards. It is a book by Jeffrey Zeldman. He is a web designer. This book is for web designers who want to design websites according to web standards.

This book is very important if you are a frontend developer to improve your web designing skills you should consider reading this book it teaches you the fundamentals of web designing and more.

7. A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS (by Mark Myers)

This HTML and CSS guide is perfect for absolute beginners who want to learn these languages fast and build their first HTML/CSS web pages quickly.

You will find free interactive online exercises to learn the fundamentales, and spend most of your time practising. Perfect for anyone who wants to start writing HTML and CSS code right away instead of spending hours reading about it.

8. HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide (by David DuRocher)

If you feel like HTML and CSS are too difficult to learn, this quickstart guide shows you an easier, more simple way to master both languages.

You will learn how HTML and CSS work, what you can build with them, and how to design responsive web pages. Also, you’ll set up your working environment, learn how version control works with Git, and get an introduction to Bootstrap.

So this not just and HTML and CSS book. You will walk away with a bunch of useful skills for building beautiful websites from scratch.

9. Learn JavaScript Quickly (by Code Quickly)

I just finished this book a few weeks back and I wish I had ordered it when I started learning how to code. If you are new to web development and want to start a career in tech, this is one of the best books you can get.

The book starts with the absolute fundamentals of computer programming to get you in the right mindset. You will then learn the basic JavaScript syntax to get comfortable with the language. Later in the book, you’ll go through helpful exercises (with solutions) and learn how to create a real-life website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch.

This book gives you a fantastic starting point for building complex websites for your own projects. Even if you are new to web development, this single book can take you a long way. 

Recommended JavaScript guides:

10. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide. A web development book that teaches you JavaScript fundamentals

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, another popular book, is an excellent companion for learning JavaScript. This web development book is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users who wish to go beyond the fundamentals and become expert JavaScript programmers.

This book has been a best-seller for more than seven years, and the most recent edition covers JavaScript 2020. Classes, modules, iterators, generators, promises, async/await, and metaprogramming are among the newly added chapters.

It also has a lot of coding examples, thus it’s a good coding book for your practice. The print and Kindle editions of the book are both available.

11. Learn JavaScript VISUALLY With Interactive Exercises

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY with Interactive Exercises. An engaging web development book that makes learning JavaScript fun

This web development book won’t let you down if you prefer a more visual approach to learning. It offers a lot of interactive tasks that function well on computers and tablets, as the name suggests. To help you learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, you’ll also discover metaphors, analogies, and examples.

It covers how to read and understand JavaScript, the JavaScript syntax, the basics of object-oriented programming, and the essential programming concepts in JavaScript.

Learn JavaScript VISUALLY is one of the best books for web development suited for beginners or those who have tried programming before and found it tedious or difficult to follow. If you can recognize yourself in those statements, give this book a try. It’s available on Kindle, as a paperback, or a hardcover edition.

12. JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development (by Jon Duckett)

This book teaches you everything you need to know about JavaScript and jQuery to start building beautiful, dynamic web pages for your portfolio.

Just like the HTML and CSS guide by Jon Duckett, this book has a clear, clean layout, and an easy-to-follow structure throughout each chapter. Want both books? Then get the 2-book bundle.

13. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja. The best web development book to take your JavaScript knowledge to the next level

The previous books on this list will get you up to speed with JavaScript. But if you want to become a pro, you’ll need to go beyond the basics and master the critical JavaScript concepts. 

As such, this book is one of the best books for web development suited for those who are already familiar with JavaScript and want to take their knowledge further.

Functions, closures, objects, prototypes, and promises are among the subjects covered in the book. There are additional sections on APIs like the DOM, events, and timers. You’ll learn how to avoid the most frequent JavaScript mistakes, create more concise code, and manage asynchronous programming by the conclusion of this book.

14. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript (by Mark Myers)

This beginner’s JavaScript guide is all about understanding how this language truly works, and how you can apply it to your own real-world web projects.

You will go through the theory parts very quickly, and spend most of your time practising and learning by doing. If you prefer hands-on exercises to monotone reading, this book is perfect for you.

15. You Don’t Know JS Yet (by Kyle Simpson)

You Don’t Know JS is a collection of six short books, each focusing on a different aspect of JavaScript. This series is a wonderful place to start if you’re new to web programming. Everyone can follow along since the author explains everything so plainly.

The first edition of these books was published in 2014 and 2015. The first two parts have been published, with the remaining four to be released soon.

The good news is: you can access these guides for free on GitHub. But if you prefer a physical copy for quicker referencing, you can order them online.

16. The Road to React (by Robin Wieruch)

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building beautiful, dynamic web interfaces. If you want to build dynamic websites faster, React can be a helpful tool to learn.

The Road to React teaches you how to identify and solve problems with code. As a result, you’ll not only learn how React works, but also how to use it to solve real-world challenges. Each chapter includes hands-on tasks that allow you to put your knowledge into practice.

By the end of the book, you will know how to build a full-scale React app from scratch. Even if you are completely new to React development. 

Recommended ReactJS guides:

17. Road To React: Your Journey To Master React.js in JavaScript

The Road To React: Your Journey To Master React.js in JavaScript. A great web development book to get hands-on experience

If you’re a more experienced developer looking to dip your toes into JavaScript frameworks, the Road To React is a great book choice out of the available developer books. 

This fantastic book will have you build a full-blown web application using React.js. In the process, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of React.js with Hooks.

In addition, the book also covers advanced feature implementations like client- and server-side searching and other related topics such as testing and performance optimizations.

18. Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js

Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js. A web development book that offers information about the Vue framework

Vue is another popular JavaScript framework. It’s suited for intermediate and advanced users who have the basics of JavaScript down. 

The book promises to help you master the entire Vue framework, give you solid foundations, and explain best practices for working with JavaScript frameworks. 

It’s also jam-packed with real-world examples and exercises that cover every facet of the Vue framework. You’ll learn how to create a persistent shopping cart, create a calendar app, verify forms, and more by the conclusion of the book.

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19. CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems by Lea Verou

CSS Secrets: Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems by Lea Verou

This book is about CSS which is used for styling and designing the website. This book is by Lea Verou. This book will teach you the CSS and tell you the advanced tips and tricks you should use while writing CSS code.

CSS is very important. You should read this book if you want to improve your CSS knowledge and get faster and better at writing CSS.

Recommended CSS Guides

20. Don’t Make Me Think (by Steve Krug)

If you’re new to web development, I recommend reading this beginner’s guide on user experience (UX) before diving into your first programming language.

This guide shows you how to create easy-to-use, intuitive web projects that the end users enjoy. In other words: you will learn how to build and design websites that people love.

While some of the concepts are self-evident and clear, the book does an excellent job of articulating why. You’ll leave with simple but effective tools for creating entertaining online and mobile user experiences.

21. Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 by Robin Nixon

Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5 by Robin Nixon

This book will teach you web languages such as PHP for the backend, MySQL for the database, Javascript for the frontend, HTML, and CSS for the frontend. This book will teach you all of the languages you’ll need to build a website.

This book is by Robin Nixon. I read this book and found it useful. You can learn so many languages with just one book. If you are a new beginner web developer you should get this book.

22. PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (by Larry Ullman)

Despite the fact that PHP isn’t as glamorous as Python, Ruby, or JavaScript, it remains one of the most used back-end languages in the world. PHP for the Web is a beginner-friendly book that teaches you how to create dynamic web apps with step-by-step instructions and thorough examples.

23. Node Cookbook: Discover Solutions, Techniques, and Best Practices for Server-side Web Development with Node.js 14 by Bethany Griggs

Node Cookbook: Discover Solutions, Techniques, and Best Practices for Server-side Web Development with Node.js 14 by Bethany Griggs

Node js is a javascript runtime environment that is enabled to write and run javascript outside the browser. Node js can be used to create a backend and this book will teach you to create server-side applications in node js.

It will also teach you the best techniques and practices to develop the backend of a website. This book is by Bethany Griggs. I read this book because I use node js for my backend and I got some great knowledge from this book.

24. PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice is one of the best books for web development to take your PHP programming to the next level. It’s been fully updated and revised for PHP 8 and covers advanced topics like attributes, constructor property promotion, new arguments, and return pseudo-types. 

This web development book begins with principles in object-oriented programming and then moves on to design patterns and tools that will help you convert your code into a successful project. It’s aimed towards seasoned programmers and is available in both Kindle and print formats.

Productivity and workflow books

25. The Power of Habit (by Charles Duhigg)

The Power of Habit is a universal guide to improving your regular habits in life, regardless of your job. The author shows you how certain habits can be detrimental to your well-being, and how most habits tend to form without us even knowing.

This tutorial is a great place to start if you want to change some negative habits and learn new ones that will help you grow. The main message is that you need to understand how habits function in order to know how to break free from them. That is the key to developing habits that propel you ahead and help you advance in life more quickly.

26. Deep Work (by Cal Newport)

Deep Work teaches you how to focus on things that help you achieve your goals in life. Whether you’re learning web development or anything else, this book can help you learn how to focus on what truly matters in a world full of constant distractions and stimuli.

If you’re anything like me, you get distracted from your goals from time to time. There are several temptations, particularly with technology, that might lead you into a “learning trap.” You begin studying a topic, and before you realize it, you’ve spent hours and days scouring the internet for information, and your actual job assignments have come to a halt.

If that sounds familiar, Deep Work helps you maintain your focus. It’s a super helpful book for anyone regardless of what type of work you do. This book changed how I think of my job and helped me create a more meaningful career path for myself. 

Final thoughts: The best web development books and guides for beginners

If you want to learn web development from scratch and start a career in tech, finding a project-oriented book is a great way to get started.

I’m a huge supporter of comprehensive technical books that I can turn to quickly when working on a project. It’s sometimes just simpler to look at something concrete rather than searching for solutions online.

It all boils down to how you learn best. Be mindful of what type of a learner you are, and find resources that best support your learning style.

Last but not least, bear in mind why you want to learn web development in the first place:

  • What’s your long-term goal?
  • What type of projects do you want to work with?
  • Do you want a full-time developer job?
  • Or do you want to become a freelance web developer and be your own boss?

Your goal determines what skills you should learn:

  • If you’re interested in front-end development, learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (in that order).
  • If you want to work with data and build dynamic web apps, learn a back-end language such as PHP, Python, or Ruby.

So, what’s it going to be? Which web development book will you start with?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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