14 VS Code Shortcuts to Supercharge Your Productivity

Software engineers are known for being extremely efficient.

Every coder goal is to optimize all aspects of the code.

We don’t want you to spend 10 seconds searching for the right thing on the GUI. We don’t want even 2 seconds.

We don’t need to do this when we can use the keyboard shortcuts to make it take just 0,1 seconds.

If I do the same thing repeatedly, I Google for the shortcut. It is almost always there.

Let me tell you about the shortcuts that I use every single day. You probably don’t know all of these!

1. Search for files by name

Okay, let’s start with the most basic and common shortcuts.

cmd+P (Macintosh) / crtl+P (Windows). This will open a search box with an extremely powerful fuzzy search. This is probably what I use 100+ times per day.

2. Search settings

Similar to the previous one, click cmd + P (Mac), or crtl +P (Windows), and then type >. Now you can type any search term and only settings will be affected.

3. Multiple cursors

This feature is incredible! I wish it was offered in more locations.

Simply press alt to start clicking around in the editor. The Multiple cursors will be displayed!

4. Multiple cursors v2

It’s possible to do the same thing without having to click around. cmd option + Arrow down (Mac), shift alt + Arrow Down (Windows). An extra cursor will be added below.

You can also use Arrow up to add a cursor.

5. Select all occurrences

Although it is rare, this one is extremely powerful. First, select some text.

Cmd shift + (Mac) or crtlshift + (Windows)

Cmd shift + (Mac) or crtlshift + (Windows) will select all instances of the text. This is useful in situations such as renaming variables across files.

Imagine manually renaming variables 30 times in a file. Nightmare.

6. Delete a line

cmdshift + K Mac / crtlshift + K Windows

7. Duplicate a line

Place your cursor on the line that you wish to duplicate.

Press cmd+ C, then cmd+ V (Mac) or crtl+ C, then crtl+ V (Windows). Voila!

8. Search in a file

This command is very familiar for all common apps (like browsers: cmd + F (Mac), / crtl+ F (Windows).

cmd + G on Mac / crtl+ G (Windows), search for next occurrence. cmd shift +G (Mac / crtl+ shift +G (Windows), search for previous one.

9. Replace in a file

Fire cmd option + (Mac) or crtl shift+ (Windows) to replace the term that you searched for

Click Enter to replace the current event.

Click cmd + Enter (Mac) or crtl + Enter (Windows) to replace them all

10. Search in all files

Nothing can exist without a detailed scan of all files.

cmdshift + F Mac / CTRL shift + F Windows

To match text by case, press cmd button + C (Mac) or crtl shift+ C (Windows).

By pressing cmd choice + W (Mac OS) or crtl shift+ W (Windows), you can also match the complete word (Windows).

11. Replace in all files

Are you looking to replace every occurrence in all files within the project? Search/replace

Amazing! cmd option +H (Mac) or crtlshift +H (Windows) works.

cmd option + Enter (Mac), crtl Alt + Enter (Windows), triggers the replacement

12. Split editor

You need more than one tab. You can press cmd + (Mac) or alt shift + (Windows). Repeat until you’re satisfied.

13. Close the tab

This is the same one as Chrome: cmd + W (Mac), ctrl + + W (Windows).

14. Switching between tabs open

Do you wish to open the previous tab? crtl+ tab does it.

Are you looking to get to a tab in a particular position? crtl+ [index] does this.

You can also select the tab on the left or right by pressing cmd choice + arrow left/right (Mac), or crtl page up/down (Windows).


It’s not a good idea to memorize them all at once. Instead, start with a few and then slowly adapt them for your own work.

Keep this article safe in case you need it again.

Increase your productivity by using more keyboard shortcuts

It does feel great.

select all instances of the text. This is useful in situations such as renaming variables across files.

Happy Coding….☺️

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