10 VS Code extensions every Frontend Developer should use

Our homes are where we spend so much of our time.text editors all have those frustrating moments that make it difficult to get things done. Sometimes it takes too much time to find the right file, and sometimes finding the matching bracket is a tedious adventure all on its own.

Let’s get rid of all these annoying things. This post will discuss Useful VS Code Extensions for Front-End Development From productivity boosters to advanced debugging aids.

1. Live server

It can be annoying to save changes in an editor and then refresh your browser to view the changes. The live server enforces auto-reload, and your changes will be rendered as soon as you save your work. Visual Studio Code creates a local server to host your dynamic and static sites.

2. Mithril Emmet


Emmet is an HTML developer’s toolkit that can significantly improve your HTML and CSS workflow. Emmet allows us to create HTML code faster and more efficiently than we would have to write. This will greatly improve your development speed.

3. ESLint


It integrates ESLint with VS Code. Check the documentation if you’re new to ESLint.
This allows you to adhere to the standard practices of indentation, positioning, and so on.

4. Prettier

Formatting code takes a lot of time. Prettier automates this task, removes any original styling, and creates a consistent style that makes it easier to read. Every time you save changes, it automatically cleans up your code.

5. Bracket pair colorizer


It colorizes your closing and opening brackets with the same colors.
There may be more than one or two closing brackets at the conclusion of your file or function. Finding the correct one might be challenging. To find out where your bracket opens or closes, use the Bracket pair colorizer.

6. CSS Peek


CSS Peek allows you to quickly locate and inspect styles for a selected class or ID. For developers who don’t enjoy changing between files, dividing the screen, or hopping between HTML and CSS Backwards, this is a fantastic solution.

7. JavaScript ES6 Code snippets


It uses ES6 syntax and provides Code Snippets to help you write JavaScript code.
Snippets can be very useful and prevent many spelling mistakes. They can also make it much easier to code faster. Javascript code snippets can speed up Javascript coding. It supports TypeScript files and JSX.

8. Simple React snippets

Snippets, as mentioned earlier, are useful and speed upcoding. This extension contains a variety of React commands and snippets that are used every day.

9. ENV


This extension is simple and adds syntax highlighting and formatting support to env files.

10. Debugger for Chrome


You may add the Google Chrome browser debugger to your editor with the Debugger for Chrome plugin. You can launch a Chrome instance that is connected to your app or attach it to an existing instance of Chrome.
It can set breakpoints, stepping, and debugging scripts. It’s the perfect plugin if you don’t like switching between files in the code editor and the browser debugging console.

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