10 Awesome Github Repos Every Web Developer Should Know

I have collected ten great repositories you can find on GitHub that will definitely give you an instant knowledge boost.

1. Awesome

Without a doubt, Awesome is the most popular repo for everything from software development to hardware to business. It currently has over 123,000 stars on Github, and one could spend days (or nights) browsing it. If I want to learn something new, it’s my one-stop shop.

Link to Repo

2. List of (Advanced) JavaScript Questions

Lydia Hallie (wonderful person, by the way, check her out on Instagram!) made this repository (13,000 stars). If you want to test your JavaScript knowledge and/or prepare for a job interview, this is an excellent resource. Lydia is always asking new questions, thus this repo is always developing!

Link to Repo

3. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

JavaScript Algorithms (59,500 stars) has a ton of JavaScript-based examples of both common and uncommon algorithms and data structures. Because the examples are classified as beginner or intermediate, the framework is excellent. So whether you’re interested in security, sorting, graphs, or machine learning (among other topics), you’ll find something to your liking.

Link to Repo

4. Clean Code JavaScript

Writing clean code is an useful skill for practically every developer, and it is required in many projects and businesses. This repository (28,400 stars) adapts Robert C. Martin’s Clean Code ideas for JavaScript so you can use them in your future work.

Link to Repo

5. free-for.dev

This amazing repository (30,000 stars) was designed to assist developers in accessing free software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and similar products. Isn’t it nice to be able to use great software for free? That’s fantastic! Email, CI/CD, monitoring, DNS, hosting, and a slew of other services are available.

Link to Repo

6. Tech Interview Handbook

If you want to prepare for a job interview in the tech industry (and you should! ), this repository is the place to go. It has 38,000 stars on Github and can assist you with:

  • How to prepare for coding interviews
  • Interview cheatsheet
  • Algorithm tips/best practice questions
  • Interview formats
  • …and more
    Check it out before heading to the next interview.

Link to Repo

7. Effective Engineer — Notes

Someone who is known as a “Effective Engineer” is someone who gets things done. But how do you go about becoming one? You can get help from this Github repository (3,700 stars)! The following are some of the topics covered:

  • How to optimize your learning
  • How to prioritize
  • Measuring your improvement

Link to Repo

8. List of Free Learning Resources

On Github, this repository has a huge 135,000 stars, making it one of the most popular curators. It has a large number of free programming books, screencasts, podcasts, and even online courses of various kinds. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for educational materials.

Link to Repo

9. Big List of Naughty Strings

You can put as much effort into testing your code and programs as you want, but when real people are involved, believe me when I say that they will do things you never imagined, especially when it comes to user input. This repository (34,100 stars) has a long list of Strings that have been known to cause problems when used as input. So, whether you’re looking to impress your QA pals or use it to test your program, this may be quite beneficial!

Link to Repo

10. Awesome First PR Opportunities

The last repository I’d like to suggest is excellent for getting started with Open Source. Contributing to OSS is a fantastic opportunity to become engaged in the community, build your portfolio, try new things, improve your programming skills, and perhaps find a new job. But, as I’ve learned from personal experience, getting started is difficult. This repository contains a list of Open Source projects with beginner-friendly issues that you can work on. It aided me in getting started with OSS and should do the same for you!

Link to Repo

I hope you find these repositories as awesome as I do, and I really hope that some of them will help you on your journey as a web developer.

Happy Coding….☺

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